Tuesday, December 14, 2010

one down one to go!

this weekend i graduated. no more wwu for me {bitter sweet}. isaac (who will be graduating in march) and i drove up to bellingham with dogs in tow on friday morning. we met up with my mom, dad, karlene, and grandma for dinner. we also saw meg and tony for a bit. graduation was at 10 am on saturday (really, who graduates at 10 am??) isaac, meg, mom, dad, grandma and karlene all were able to come to my super eventful ceremony. i did not get to walk with the education majors, instead got stuck with the "science and technology" degrees (darn math degree that better get me a job :] haha). our student speaker's name was bailee bailey (married name) and our "adult" speaker was pretty good. after we all went to OG (olive garden for those of you not ridiculously obsessed). yum. after we hung around bellingham for a few hours.

overall, i now feel stuck in the in between of graduation and "real life". i know i will miss it. it flew by so fast and it was all just so fun. i am so thankful to have been able to spend those 4+ years with my amazing best friend. love love love me some megan jones.