Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{our} life be like...

ooo aahh ooo aahh :) 

sorry, just reliving my rap days... yup, you many not believe it now, but i was a huge fan of all things rap.  i knew all the words to all the terrible awful songs :) and i still know some!


today was a great day.

isaac and i took the day off work to venture up north so i could go through the first stage interviews for yl staff.

there, i said it.  i am trusting god, and moving forward, and learning about what life looks like as a yl staff member.

and if i'm being totally and completely honest, it looks awesome.

i'm still scared and feeling like i have many unknowns, but that's life, right? good life, at least.

this is what my devotional had to say last night before bed. exactly what i needed to hear. thankyoujesus.

today was also a great day because we had our second to last wyldlife club of the year.  it was so fun! we are just loving meeker wyldlife! our leaders are so fun, more kids signed up for camp, and our games were awesome! it is amazing to witness god at work at meeker :) 

our house is clean again.  i should've taken a picture of the obscene amount of laundry we had piled all over our room.  one friend came over and asked if we were moving because there were piles everywhere.  it was awful.  but we put our big kid pants on and cleaned.our.house. i love clean houses, especially ours. 

now for the projects. 

the next few things we're chatting about doing are:
-painting our room
-take care of the yard (front and back)
-painting the dining room chairs
-"sprucing up" our bathroom
-finding 3 or more dressers
-getting a king mattress and bed for our room so we can move our current bed into the guest room
-finding another couch for the living room so we have more seating
--&so much more!

i love our home.

life lately has been oh so busy, but oh so fun.  we are working hard to create boundaries so we actually have quality time together, while still doing what we love and feel called to do.  something i am figuring we'll spend our lives trying to figure out.

payce out.