Saturday, February 25, 2012

Haha, I am not good at this.

Oh man has life changed...

It's been almost half a year since our last update and here are just a few of the things that have changed.

Isaac is a first grade teacher. {and a very good one at that}
We bought a car. {yay for finally having 2 cars!!}
We bought a house. {ehem... ex-squeeze-me you say??}
We are now leading WyldLife at Meeker Middle School. {and still at Stadium, of course!}
We are hosting Wyldlife in our very own garage. {yes, it's carpeted and amazing}
Did I mention we bought a house?? :) {yes, yes we did}

Life is insane.  And we love it.

God is

We wanted a house for so long, and nothing was working out.  All dead ends.  Then suddenly the home we were stalking, no really, I was stalking it on line and in person (like creeped into the backyard on MULTIPLE occasions), dropped remarkably low and we just had to do it.  And it happened. 

We bought a house. A real life human home for real life humans {and one real cool dog}.

Our home is empty.  We have like no furniture, a bunch of boxes, and so much extra space.  I know that someday I am going to wish I had nothing like now, but right now I just want to fill and fill and fill and nest and nest and nest.  What a fun stage of life we are in.

I know that I will want to have pictures of this time, so I will take some soon.  I will also post about the {remarkable} story of how God bought us our first house sometime down the road.  I hope that I do that before too much time goes by, but we've seen my track-record for posting. No good.  But as always, I am hoping to do better. 

Our life is worth documenting.