Saturday, September 25, 2010


We cant find the camera cord to get our pictures off the camera and onto this lovely blog. It is really holding things up here, and therefore we have little to post about.

The house is not too dirty for us to find it, we think we put it away while cleaning... humph.

Today we helped my family paint our house! It was tan, and now {parts} of it are a very pretty green!! My lovely sister came home for the weekend to help out!! LOVE seeing her, and wish she came home every weekend!

We are still not done with any rooms in the home... well, I guess we are done with the kitchen, so maybe we will clean it and post a few pics in the near future! Oh wait, we can't post pictures because we cant find our cord!!!

I am having trouble fully completing the rest of the rooms in the home. Our room is basically put together... but we have lots of {stuff} in the corners or the room, etc. Same thing with the bathroom, craft room, living room, etc. Hm. Maybe once the weather gets worse, we'll make time for cleaning the corners of our rooms :]

I have a lot of things on my To-Do craft list also... the skirt I talked about here, some flowers for my hair, painting random frames, re-doing a lamp, and more! Wish I could do this all day!

Isaac and I have been watching Glee lately {we just finished what we could watch for free of Weeds} and we are really loving it!! :]

Hm. That's all for now! :]

Saturday, September 18, 2010


LIFE has officially taken over, and we are sorry. Student teaching has filled our days, and balancing everything else has filled in every minute in between. Which means blogging has been a no go lately. Today we are having fun, seeing family and relaxing.

In the near future {whatever that means} we will post about our first day of school, and a few other things on our minds :]

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!