Sunday, March 18, 2012

A post with at least one picture

Hm.... what can I talk about that has a picture that accompanies it? Haha, we are bad at taking pictures of daily life with our actual camera, but I'll add are some iPhone pictures to accompany this post. They will probably have nothing to do with the words, but that is fine!
This is Alli and Aus snuggling last summer :) from way back but waaaay cute!

Hm, what is new....

the girls and I last summer after we made our fabric braided head bands that broke way too quickly
we had a great weekend relaxing and getting caught up on things around our house/life.  Last night we had our two favorite ladies over to play Wii, eat ice cream, watch tv, and youtube.  A very fun night and we are so thankful to live so close to them now! :)

At the Ben Harper concert last summer at MaryMoore Park :)
We think we may have found a dining room table! We are hoping to get it before we host Easter dinner (so 3 weeks away!), so hopefully that works out!

our couch got delivered on my birthday this year to our apartment! LOVE that couch! It's actually seafoamy grey, not the color this instagram photo was edited to make you believe!
We are really starting to get excited for summer break! It's our first summer living together that we both wont be working full-time! I have so many projects I want us to do, we'll just have to find the right budget for everything! Can't wait!!!

Alli and skimming this summer at skim camp

 We are also getting excited to visit family this summer in Hawaii for two whole weeks! So excited to see more of them! We had 15 members over a week ago for dinner who were here from out of town which was so fun, and we can't wait for more family time in the near future!! And of course time in the hot Hawaiian sun! :)

some cheer girls cheering in the stadium bowl last season! New season is starting up soon!
 I guess the rest will just be random pictures! :)
Anna, Cal and I at the Halloween All City YL Club :) Love them!

A pic of our first "pending" notification on Red Fin :) We were so excited!!

We are now a two car family! We love Karlton very very much! :)

Austin's Christmas Present! It only took him a few weeks to devour the whole thing!

We got to go to Bellevue to spend the day with these two newly engaged peeps and take some engagement photos of them at their bench :) A super fun day with super fun people!

Gina, Maddy and I at Disney Club for Stadium YL :)

One of our "in process" moving out photos from our apt

Hahaha, a really funny invoice we received

Rotating Sushi date night :) YUM!!

Isaac with our neice Alexis :) She is super adorable!

Couch Date meal for Valentines Day 2012 :) Couldn't have been better!

An in-process shot of our future office! We've now put up a curtain wall and filled in some of those shelves... but we aren't done yet! Still need a few more items including chairs and to bring in lots more of our office/craft stuff that's sitting in boxes in an upstairs bedroom!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Isaac is sleeping in a cave on a mountain.

It's my favorite weekend of the year.


Isaac is having fun with friends which is GREAT. Isaac is sleeping on a mountain, in a cave him and his friends built. I am trying to not be overly dramatic, but I freak myself out thinking about it.  I won't go into all details of worst-case scenarios that replay in my head, but I'll be very happy when he gets back.  They do this every year (for the last like 5 or 6 years) and are always safe, but still. Blah.


Life is still nutso.  We hosted pre-club dinner at our place for Stadium YL this week and had our second WyldLife club at our place which was super fun! We love that we get to use our house to serve others, and can't wait to see how else our God uses our home to help us to serve.  It is still very empty, but I am trying hard to be ok with that :) trying is emphasized. We have more than we need, but I just love completeness. I am looking forward to garage sale season (haha, who am I?) so we can stock up our home with inexpensive furniture!

We are on the prowl for many things, but here are a few topping our list:
-dining room table and chairs/bench
-office chairs that can double for the dining room
-another seating option for our living room (that can hopefully also double in our dining room)
-new bed for our room so we can use our bed as a guest bed
-a big dresser for our room

We would love to have a "house warming" (slash excuse to see lots of people we love who are and aren't living close) party in the near future.  We need to just pick a date and make it happen, I would love to have a few extra beds/couches for them to crash on so we can give them the proper show of Tacoma and attract more residents to the city (because we are the self-nominated members of the official Tacoma Recruitment Committee, of course!)

Also, we took a few steps forward on a very exciting thing this week.  We are not ready to talk/share yet, but I wanted to document this week so we would remember.  Get ready for some sharing coming up :)

God is very very good.