Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer so far..

This post is very scattered and it took me 3+ days to actually "complete" it... I apologize in advance.

We cannot believe it's already the middle of June. We've been married for almost 11 months. yikes.

Well, my first year of teaching is OVA. Caboots. Sianara.

We wrapped up the year with a week long mini-term. I taught "Hiking" with another teacher. We closed the week with an overnight camping trip with 27 teenagers. Isaac graciously offered to attend as the male chaperon. What a swell guy. Now he knows a little bit more about what high school is like when you aren't actually a high schooler :)

For the first time ever, Isaac doesn't have a "summer break" now it's a summer is when life gets busier and crazier :) He left EARLY this morning for Bellingham-->Canada for a skim comp, with a few work stops along the way and back. Me=sad he's gone < happy for him to be having fun!

I began nannying this week which was so fun :) I am so happy to be spending yet another summer with these amazing girls! We've already gone to the $2 theater to see Soul Surfer and went to Dash Point Beach with friends :) Next week Wild Waves is on the schedule, cant wait!

I recently (earlier this year) got involved with a non profit football league in our neighborhood. I am helping to coordinate the inaugural year of their cheer program, and I'm so excited!! Karlene is going to be helping me coach (double excited). We had a canceled carwash this morning, so did registration instead. We have 25 girls signed up already! I am really looking forward to getting to know the girls and their families. Allison {the younger girl I am nannying} is signed up and I am SO excited for more time to play with her! So stinkin cute!

Isaac was recently recruited to coach for a U-13 girls rec soccer team, and he is so excited! Lindsey {the older sister I'm nannying for} is on the team, and he is looking forward to coaching her. A bunch of the girls were on the soccer team I coached at Meeker MS last fall, so it will be fun to see them play under Isaac :)

We are starting to get involved in coordinating a Young Life program at Meeker MS, while still staying involved at Stadium. We're going to Malibu at the end of July, and will be fundraising like crazy for the next month or so to get all our kiddos to camp! :)

Overall, the summer is off to a great start and life is going great! Hopefully summer will allow for more updates on here about our life... hopefully. And just because no post is complete without a picture, here's one of Isaac, Aus, and his uncle Toby on a walk on trails right on the outskirts of our neighborhood :)

LOVE these guys so much.