Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yes Please: Stripes and ruffles

I feel like everywhere I look there are stripes and ruffles, and I LOVE it. At first I was OK with not really owning many stripes and basically zero ruffles, but the more I looked, the harder it got. At first it was how I wanted to decorate, but quickly turned to clothing. See below:









And here are a few examples of how I would also like to {someday} incorporate these elements into a home:










(sorry, no link)

Good news! {Of course} I can't really afford any of these clothing tems... BUT after sorting and cleaning the newly created craftroom (I will post about this room in the very near future, only a few more shelves to hang!) I rediscovered this:


the grey fabric! I found it originally at Goodwill (in it's first life it was a fitted bed sheet). We used it as the base for the fabric garlands (will post about those at some point, but you can see them on the roof of the tent in a few of the wedding pics) and for Austin's bandana he wore at the wedding (BTW, both items were madewithlove by my dear mother :])


So, back to the point.... I have decided to make my very first article of clothing!! I would like to make a grey skirt to go with my new school boots! :] I will keep you posted on this learning experience! I bought a grey zipper yesterday (the only item I don't already have to complete this project) so all I need to do is actually figure out how to do this.

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