Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Post- Yay for finished finals!

YAHOO!! BonnieJean finished her LAST Winter Quarter finals week ever! (unless of course she goes back to school at some point... yuck.) Don't get me wrong, I love school and learning, but I HATE finals and being stressed. Isaac is currently in his final final of his second to last Winter Quarter (he has one extra quarter of student teaching after BonnieJean is done (big bummer)). In a few hours we are BOTH done and then after a few days of rest (yeah right) we are off to COSTA RICA!! :) Along with 23 other college students, we are going to be serving this Spring Break at the Robelalto Bible Home. We are super excited about this opportunity that God as provided for us to serve others, and cannot wait to work with the amazing 23 people who we will be joining!

We will post pictures and share more about our trip once we return on Monday, March 29th (hopefully! we heard that flights out of Costa Rica are canceled often, and if this happens we will be missing our first day of classes for next quarter.. ah oh..)

Have a great day!! Hope your lives are being filled with happiness! :)

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