Tuesday, June 29, 2010

25 days and counting...

Crunch time is underway... We have quite the to-do list, but we've also got a ton of great people to help lighten our loads :]

This past weekend was a big DB weekend. On thursday there was the BIYD premier at the Blue Mouse Theater! So much fun, and a pretty good turn out! Isaac was feeling super sick, which was no fun because the Dash Point skim comp was on Saturday! He ended up feeling much better by Saturday! The comp morning started off cloudy and cold, but the sun creeped out and it was a great day! All three Thomas boys placed in different divisions (Seth got 1st in the under 16, Josiah got 4th in the AM, and Isaac 2nd in the Pro). Shout out to our great friend Tony for placing 4th in the Pro also!! :] Our good friend Hailey also graced us with her presence for the weekend! So much fun to see her and have a buddy on the sidelines throughout the comp and at the after BBQs, etc!

We have been getting a ton done lately, and we have one of our "final" meetings with Kerra tomorrow night at the OG (Olive Garden), a huge favorite of ours, haha. At this point we just have little things here and there to take care of (like printing programs, favor details, making fabric garlands for the tent, making flower girl attire, and a few other things!!) but for the most part we are pretty relaxed and hoping to get lots of non-planning time in together over the next month!

We have been working on preparing our "home" for post-wedding living, and it has been really fun! Isaac found two matching couches we are working on cleaning and covering, I have been getting rid of A TON of things that just dont fit (and I probably haven't really needed for years, but had trouble abandoning), and we have been decorating, organizing, and painting furniture!

The next three (oh my gosh) weekends left before the Wedding are filled with exciting things (bachelor/bachelorette parties, a shower, etc.) This weekend is Isaac's bachelor party!! The boys are taking him on a mini-trip Friday-Sunday! I know he is super excited!

As the check-lists shorten everything is feeling more and more real!! :]


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  1. Good luck with the prep work,it could be exciting and nerve-racking~Have fun Deepali