Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's been a while...

...but we've been up to fun things!

Student teaching has taken over our lives. We LOVE it. But it has taken over. When we aren't at school teaching, we are at school planning, staying after school with students for "Homework Cafe", or coaching {Mrs. Thomas just wrapped up her first season ever coaching 6th grade girls soccer (if you know her, you know that she played soccer ONE season and it wasn't pretty!) and just kicked off coaching the 6th grade boys team! Every day is a new learning opportunity.... right?? :]

We also recently started volunteering with Young Life at our former high school, Stadium High School. We have been having so much fun, and we can't wait to see what we are taught next through these amazing teenagers :]

Thanksgiving is only 4 days away, and we've got really new plans this year. For the past three years we have been eating two dinners (one with the Thomas' after church and another with the Rytkonen's at night). We can't say we are sad we wont be stuffing ourselves with two meals this year, but we wont be with either of our parents, which we are a bit sad about. We WILL however be with family; Leah, Josiah, Isaac and I are venturing south to Portland to celebrate with our cousins from Hawaii, Cat, Scott, Dan and Chris. We are excited for new adventures (and to hit up black Friday sales with no tax!).

We had great weekend celebrating two very special people, Isaac (the 19th) and Karlene (the 21st). More about those birthdays later this week!

We are getting so excited for the holidays and are hoping to get our first Christmas tree this week. Yay!

It started snowing as we drove into Tacoma this afternoon, and we're crossing our fingers for a snow day {or a late arrival at the least!}.

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