Sunday, March 13, 2011

why hello there

we're alive!

isaac graduates THIS saturday, march 19, 2011.

after that i have a two week (yup, my school takes a two week) spring break!
for spring break we are going to take a few mini-trips, day trips, and stay-cations. i.cannot.wait to just HANG :)

Isaac will start work full time at DB and boy is he excited. childhood dream come true excited. skimboarding and working for a skimboard (+ skateboard, etc.) company... he will be a very happy boy :)

we have been informed that we will be "DINKS" haha (double income no kids)

and with being DINKS come some pretty exciting things :) as in we have been spending quite a large amount of time at places like

AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD another exiting thing....

one of my sweet friends, Shannon, GOT ENGAGED!! :) She was one of the bridesmaids in our wedding and we are just SO HAPPY for her and her fiance, Justin!

We love you Shanimal :)

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