Monday, April 25, 2011

I feel like I say this a lot buuuttt:

It's been a while. I am sorry. All I've been posting is random links/photos of things that I've been liking... Sorry. I've discovered I am better at reading others blogs than updating ours.

We are both FULL time adults (i.e. we are both working {and being paid!!} full time!). Isaac is working full time at DB and I am working full time as a Geometry teacher at SAMi . We both LOVE our jobs, but are missing a bit of our free time.

Along with working, we are both still leading YL and are getting more and more involved within our church. We LOVE our church and working for YL has been a.m.a.z.i.n.g. In fact, YOU should get involved!

We are in the process of figuring out our summer plans!! :) I am so excited! Isaac will be working full time still for DB running skim camps, the store front, and I'm sure a ton of other odds and ends, all while also competing and skimming all the time. I will be nannying for the two most wonderful young ladies in the entire world {for our 4th summer :]} and I am so excited! We also are attending quite a few friends' weddings and hoping to take a few weekend+ trips locally. We are currently working to plan a mini-vacation for our 1 year anniversary {HOLY COW!!}

Yesterday was our 9 month anniversary (yes, we are celebrating monthly until we reach 1 year...) and we didn't even remember until 8 PM.

Yesterday was also Easter. We had SUCH a great day celebrating with family. Isaac was gone Friday (4:15 AM) until Saturday night (3:00 AM) in Texas as a skimboarding competition with Emile and Tony. He had SO much fun: got a beautiful tank top "tan" (aka lobster burn), placed 2nd, and met tons of new people while hanging out with a fe of his closest friends. :)

OK now I'm back... finishing the other half of this post a few days later.. but that's how we're rolling lately....

We get to be home this weekend and I am so excited to just HANG. :) Maybe we will post a bit about some of the other fun adventures we have been up to lately.

Maybe not :)


OH and our great friends Greg and Britt got engaged last weekend... They are wonderful. I went to Boston with both of them and WE went to Costa Rica with both of them also :) :) We are so excited and secretly (or not so secretly..) praying for them to gravitate south to be close to us.. LOVE them. Here the adorable couple is:

Aren't they cute?? :) Can't wait for this wedding!!

Be back soon!!

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