Sunday, September 18, 2011

Well as I suspected...

Well, as I suspected... it's been a while! And lots and lots has happened! I was debating blogging in general for a while now, but after reading this post we're baaaack :) memory keeping is important, and I am really excited to work harder to be a better memory keeper. Our life is exciting and worth remembering.

Well first off, we've moved. Yes, we no longer live with my wonderful parents. We now live across town, right next to Stadium High School (where we lead YL). It's so fun being closer to... I dunno, EVERYTHING :) We love our apartment, and Austin even loves it because we are right next door to Wrights Park! He's loving his multiple times a day walks/runs/ball chasing :) I love decorating the new place :) Here are some BEFORE pics of the apt, when we were doing the walk through:

This is the bathroom, there are extremely deep floor to ceiling storage cabinets on the left, and the shower is DOUBLE the size of our last one :) haha I love the huge mirror and the sink!
This is the bedroom, unfortunately we didn't take a pic of the opposite wall (which has 2 large windows) but look at those closets!! So much storage, mine is the one on the right and Isaac's is the one on the left... just kidding :)
This is the breakfast nook. It's opposite the kitchen. It's not actually that dark and you can see Mt Rainier out it's window (Mom was very proud)
Yay for another tiny kitchen (the fridge is smaller with an inside mini freezer and no dishwasher) but the storage is like Mary Poppin's bag, we fit EVERYTHING in here (with the help of the wonderful Megan Jones :])
This is what you see of the living room as you enter the apt, we love the views and lighting from the windows. The doorway on the right leads to the kitchen which then leads to the bedroom. I LOVE the hardwoods. The entire apartment was just redone for earthquake safety (it was built in 1920s)
This is the view from the wall opposite the entrance. No surprise, but I LOVE THE BUILT INS!! :) That's the front door on the front left.
This is the storage room that is on the left as you enter the apt (the bathroom is on the right). Boy do we need this space :)

Hm... That's all the energy I've got! Here's some bullets of other things we've been up to:

  • YL kick off was last Monday, it's gonna be a great year!
  • NE Tigers cheer has been great! :) The 39 girls are awesome and so much fun!
  • Norpoint Sting is doing AWESOME! They won their first tournament (undefeated) and won their game yesterday 9-0, Isaac is an awesome coach!
  • I LOVE my job and teaching has been great this year!
  • Isaac is no longer working for DB, and is pursuing a career as a teacher :)
  • The Tacoma Teachers are on strike... my first full year of teaching I'm not teaching :( Hopefully it'll end soon...
  • I just turned 23! Now I'm old! :)
More to come!

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