Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doiley Explosion

Yup. That says Doiley Explosion.

Today (after sleeping in for the first time in, I dunno... MONTHS!) my best friend Megan and I went on an adventure in downtown Bellingham. We started off getting hot chocolate at Woods (yum yum yum) then headed for the farmers market, which took approximately 2.5 mintues to walk through entirely... so then we made our way down Holly towards the home and antique shops... And that is where we found the Doiley Explosion :)
I am planning on decorating the centerpieces of the tables at the wedding with a few doileys, and I checked Value Village and Goodwill last week and got a few... but Austin and Toby ate them, so starting over!! We got around 30 today from the doiley explosion haha.

This is one of the piles we had going while we were sorting.

Here's Meg overwhelmed by doileys Haha :)

And here is the final pile we decided to buy:

Also, yeserday I was shopping for a very important friend's birthday (I will post about what I am doing for that after her birthday!) and learned something very exciting: Joanne's has new fabrics!! And even better... Joanne's has new GREY AND YELLOW fabrics!! :) For those of you who don't know, I am (just a little) obsessed with grey and yellow and we are decorating our home and the wedding with grey and yellow accents! So, I got 2 yards of each of these fabulous fabrics:

Also, I got these three felt fabrics:
for Meg and I to make fun hair things... and I might make a few other fun felt things... I will start brainstorming for this tonight!!
Next, I had a little extra time so I headed over to Goodwill to see if I could find some more doilies and stumbled across these adorable glass pieces (they are in a basket I got for half off at Joannes with all the fabrics):

Oh, and I got a few other items (like a bowl that matches a few things from our registry and two trays that stack together that I am going to post and point later... I am thinking hodgepodge? :) )

Tonight Isaac and I are going to TRY to get all of our invitations ready to be sent out Monday morning!! I will post about those once we send them because I am in L.O.V.E. with our invites :) We bought stamps yesterday (which was intersting... haha) but I will post all about invites soon!!

Love, BonnieJean

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