Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A litte peak into my obsessions....

So... I have a few addictions. One of those addictions is currently diy things and decorating. It all stemmed from browsing wedding blogs and websites for wedding ideas, and since that gets overwhelming very quickly, it is easily more fun (at times) to just focus on post wedding life :) Here are some things that I love and have saved on my computer to hopefully go back on in the near future!
So I want to make one of these. It is a calendar painted on a wall using chalkboard paint so you can reuse it each month. So fun and funky and I just really like it!!

Also, isn't this bedroom/bed so just amazing?? I think I could stay in this bed for a week straight!

This next bedroom also isn't half bad. It is so simple but looks so relaxing and just great.

Yes, that is a screed door holding up the pots and pans. I think it is so cool what people find and use to decorate their houses! Who woulda thought?!

OK, so this might be one of my favorite things EVER. It's an old chalk board, mounted on a wall, filled with pictures of this great mother's children. AshleyAnn is a photographer turned mother who does the coolest things for her four children. I just love this creative board of family photos and random shots of the children! If you search her page you can find tons of tricks and ideas! I would love a huge board like this some day in my living room filled with memories of my family :)

I am on the crazed lookout for one of these: a free standing fireplace mantle. In the apt. Isaac and I are moving into after we get married there is (unfortunately) no fire place, but I would like to create the look of one by having one of these on one of our free walls in the living room (not behind a bed). I want to be able to decorate a mantle, even though we will have no fire. Maybe I will stick our space heater (which I basically use year round in the apt.) in the nook to get a little more of the fake fire effects? No? Haha, but I am looking constantly for a cheap one and will be visiting the ReStore constantly this quarter in hopes of stumbling across one!!

I also love the look of the "randomly" placed empty frames on a wall... I think I will do this in a mixed and match sense (some with pictures, some blank) on the yellow wall in our future bedroom.... we will see!!

After I saw this I went straight to the ReStore and bought two old shutters to paint to sort mail, etc. next year.. my only delema now is what color to paint them... decisions decisions :)

I am jealous of all this creativity, but thankful that I can steal some great ideas!! I will post some pictures of our "during" stages of setting up our temporary home in Tacoma once I get the pictures off Isaac's camera :)


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