Monday, January 3, 2011

I know it is so stereotypical but...

I really really want to make some sort of bucket list. I have been thinking lately {who am I kidding, I am always thinking about these sort of things} a lot about the future... I have probably talked Isaac's ear off for the past 7+ years about the future. I am CONSTANTLY a year or M.O.R.E ahead of myself. I think to myself all the time about how I need to be enjoying the moments I am living and taking in every minute of this particular time in our lives because we are only going to be newlyweds living in the downstairs of my parents house with our one perfect dog with little to no income eating nachos and paninis four or more nights a week {Isaac is totally going to cringe at this run on sentence} where ALL of our furniture is hand-me-downs, free, or craigslisted and we don't own our car {yes, singular} pay many {or any!} real bills ONCE in our lives. And it's not that I am not happy. I am so happy, and grateful, and flat out in love with my life. In fact, I think the "problem" is that I am so everything that I just can't wait to see what's coming next. HM. is this still a "bucket list" post? haha...

I guess this means for now, despite all of the great things I just cannot wait to do and watch unfold within our lives, a bucket list is not happening.


and that's the truth.

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