Monday, January 10, 2011

My dresser broke...

When I moved out of the dorms sophomore year of college my lovely mother treated me to a new bedroom set from Ikea. I was so excited (I had been using hand-me-downs from the neighbor in my home bedroom for the past 8+ years). We went with this set (the bed small drawers and three drawer dresser). I think some of them are different or discontinued... no wonder because... they are super crappy. Like really super duper crappy. My dresser broke sophomore year, but this time is is REALLY broken. As in, only one of the drawers has a partial base.

I was bummed because I knew one drawer broke, and because I was trying to finally clean up my vanity area... but no. I couldn't clean up because I have nothing to put my stuff away in.

Now I unfortunately {that was for Isaac} need to find a new dresser, and this makes me very excited! I will be looking for something free, or very close to free, and painting/fixing up :] I am SO READY for a new project!

We have basically decorated our whole home... so this will give me something to do for a few days/weeks! Can't wait!

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